How to Take a Company Public

An interview with Geoff Donaker

Geoff Donaker


In this interview, Geoff Donaker explains the details involved in taking a company public, from hiring a CFO through to collaborating with an accounting firm. We examine the job of the COO, the role of experimentation in the shaping of business models and the principles of scaling. We finish with a discussion of his investing strategy.


"The two obvious destinies for a company is to either be acquired or to go public. There is a third destiny, which is to be a private and profitable company. That's also a good path, so it's worth thinking about that before you raise money. But to be a successful public company, you're going to need 100+ million in revenue, with healthy growth rates, with a path to profitability. You also need a stable business model. The public markets tend to reward consistency."


How to Take a Company Public
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